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Metal Paints

Metal Paints

Agaram Prime Care Premium Gloss Enamel

Product Description

Agaram Prime Care Premium Gloss Enamel is a first quality enamel is specially formulated for the discerning customer who does not settle for anything less in life. The product has a smooth and uniform finish with excellent leveling and hard mirror like gloss that resists the vagaries of nature like water, sunlight and moisture. It's brushability is excellent. Agaram Premium Gloss Enamel is made tough for exterior use to withstand rugged conditions. It is used and recommended for finishing doors, windows, furniture and fixtures. Keeping outer activities in mind, it is ideal for hoarding, signboards, railway rolling stock, truck fleets, transport coaches, machinery and equipement and a variety of other articles. Agaram Prime Care Premium Gloss Enamel Advanced colours are specially formulated shades for use on doors, windows, fixtures, furniture etc. It's whiteness retention property is outstanding.

Product Outline

1 Packs Available 20L,1L,500ML,200ML,100ML,50ML
2 Surface to Be Painted Interior and Exterior Metals and Wood substrates.
3 Methods Of Application Brushing and roller
4 Thinner to be used Mineral Turpentine Oil
5 Number Of coats Two or three coats are recommended for achieving better and glossy finish
6 Primer Paint for Woods Agaram Prime Care Wood White Primer, Agaram Prime Care Wood Pink Primer
7 Primer Paint for Metal Agaram Prime Care Zinc Chrome Yellow Primer, Agaram Prime Care R.O Metal Primer
8 Primer Paint for Walls Agaram Prime Care Cement Primer(Oil Base)
9 Directions For Use The surface to be painted should be dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and loose matter. Suitable primer is to be applied as first coat depending on the surface. Allow Drying for 6 to 8 hours. Smoothen the surface by filling dents with thin layer of suitable putty. Allow drying for 6 to 8 hours. Sand the surface with emery paper 188 and wipe clean. Sand the surface with 328 emery paper and wipe clean. Agaram Prime Care Premium Gloss Enamel can be diluted with mineral turpentine oil. Two coats are recommended for achieving maximum performance. An interval time of 6 to 8 hours should be given between two successive coats.