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Metal Paints

Metal Paints

Agaram Prime Care Aluminium Paint

Product Description

Agaram Prime Care Aluminium Gives beautiful metallic luster. It is a special type of two packs Aluminium Paint based on special composition for painting iron and steel works such as furnace, ovens, hot pipelines and storage tanks, chimneys boilers and other structures etc exposed to hot ambient condition. The finish is of brilliant Aluminium luster and the special feature is that brilliant luster is retained even after finish getting exposed to high temperature ranging up to 250°c for long time. Film does not peel off or crack due to high temperature exposure. It also protects the structures from corrosion.

Product Outline

1 Packs Available 20L,4L,1L,500ML,200ML,100Ml,50ML
2 Surface to Be Painted Pipelines,oil tanks, gasholders, girders, corrugated roofs
3 Methods Of Application Brushing and Spray
4 Direction Of Preparation Take the Aluminium Paste which is come along with this tin and mix with the medium uniformly.
5 Number Of coats Two or three coats are recommended for achieving better and metal lustrous finish
6 Directions For Use The surface to be painted should be dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and loose matter. If the surface is new suitable primer is to be applied as first coat depending on the surface. Allow Drying for 6 to 8 hours. Mix the Aluminium Paste with the medium and apply it on the surface. Two coats are recommended for achieving maximum performance. An interval time of 6 to 8 hours should be given between two successive coats.