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Floor Paints

Floor Paints

Agaram PrimeCare Floor Coat Red

Product Description

Agaram PrimeCare Floor Coat is the best traditional synthetic resin based paint which gives pleasing appearance with semi-glossy finish. It is suitable for application on old cement floors and walls.

Product Outline

1 Packs Available 20L,4L,1L,500ML
2 Surface to Be Painted Interior and Exterior Floors.
3 Methods Of Application Brushing and Spray
4 Thinner to be used Mineral Turpentine Oil
5 Number Of coats Two or three coats are recommended for achieving better finish
6 Directions For Use
  • The old floor to be painted should be dry and free from oil and grease, dust, rust and loose matters. As it is having self-priming characteristics.
  • It can be applied directly on the floor without any primer. Apply as such good quality general purpose thinner is recommended for diluting the floor coat. If required.
  • Allow the first coat to dry hard before applying the second coat. Two to three coats are recommended for achieving best performance.
  • It is strictly recommended for the use on minimum six months aged cement floors and walls.
  • Avoid using the floor coat on open terrace. Do not use NC Thinner.