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Agaram Wall Putty

Product Description

Agaram White Cement Based Wall Putty is a specially formulated product based on white cement blended with special fillers and additives to be used as putty, filler & sealer, on concrete walls and ceiling for both interior & exteriors. It renders to the surface, smooth bright white coating suitable for over coating by different kinds of water and solvent based paints, of attractive colors, giving a durable and smooth finish on the walls. It also contains fungicides, preventing fungus. The other feature of the product is that ultimate wall finish.

Product Outline

1 Packs Available 50Kg,5Kg,3Kg,1Kg
2 Surface to Be Applied Interior, Exterior Walls, Wooden Surfacecs, asbestos sheet, bricks and concrete surfaces.
3 Thinner to be used Water
4 Methods of Application Putty Blade
5 Finish Smooth Finish
6 Direction Of Use
  • New masonry surfaces must be allowed to cure completely for best results. It is recommended to allow 28 days as curing time for new masonry surfaces.
  • Cleaning Ensure that surface is completely free from all dirt, loosely held plaster, powdery residue, oil, grease or any other contamination.
  • Surface imperfections such as holes and dents are to be filled using a mixture of white cement and fine sand in the ratio of 1:3.
  • Minor cracks can be filled with this wall putty. Mix Agaram Wall Putty with 40-50% water. Water is to be added gradually to the wall putty for getting desired consistency. It is very important that the water should be added to the putty to make a paste.
  • After complete mixing, apply the paste on the prepared surface using putty blade from bottom to upward direction.